Education at your finger tips.

Virtually all your needs in one place: Community and school-wide projects; lesson plans, student and teacher guides; online exams; and Virtual reality education.

Our Family

A wide selection of kits and books for teachers and students and guides for implementing whole-school strategies for valuable and effective educational communities.

Teaching, learning and sharing ideas in a 3D virtual world dedicated to education. Building private & public schools, learning environments in a digital universe.

The larger universe out from Eduworldz that connects and interacts with anyone from around the world for adventure, commerce, social interaction, entertainment and virtual life.

Membership at various levels entitle you to access more members-only libraries, forums, blogs, online lesson plans, downloadable kits and multimedia.


Bringing the digital age to education! Immerse yourself, your school and your students into a safe virtual world and community for learning, teaching, sharing ideas, virtual conferences and lectures, fun adventures as a group.
Teach and learn everything from Maths to Maori, create or visit other schools and use our central campus for free, create or use existing fun adventures and virtual machines and transport, a perfect way to experience life from your chair. No matter where, you can come into the virtual reality world and interact in a safe environment. Ideal for art and architecture and teaching kids to use digital media to create and build structures. You can even learn how to open a school shop in Eduworldz and sell your students creations to other users worldwide!

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