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Teachers Coach

The Teachers Coach: Helping teachers teach and get through the day with less stress and build upon existing talents. (in paperback)

Teachers Coach is a book full of resources developed and written in New Zealand to help make teaching easier, show you new teaching methods and how to improve upon your existing talents.

Many books are long-winded and tell you about all sorts of things and you just wish they would get to the point. The Teachers Coach gets straight to the point with easy to follow "how to" guidelines.

It was said by some teachers that the original resources developed and provided in 2011 should be given to all teachers while under training. Well now every teacher can carry their own copy with them and read it at any time without a computer.

The chapters of this Book:

Overcoming stress and beating fatigue.
Rebuilding Confidence.
Enhancing communication skills.
Developing new leadership skills.
Enriching the learning environment.
Time Management.
Goal setting and planning skills.
Creating a mentoring environment & network.
How to act as a mentor.
Developing a "new teacher" induction programme.
Maintain, increase and monitor quality teaching.
Team building and cooperation.
Overcoming problematic classroom situations.
Learning Styles.
Discovering the learning styles of your students.
Catering for all styles of learning.
Keeping the attention of your class.
Introduction to Mnemonics.
Additional resources and tips.

NZ$35 per book or NZ$32 per book for 2 or more copies.


Bullying Elimination Handbook

Written in NZ for NZ schools and circumstances, the Bullying Elimination Handbook shows schools how to implement strategies that reflect a zero-tolerance to bullying. This Book and resource kit will provide teachers with what they need to eliminate all forms of bullying from within the school and your local community.


Dealing With Phone-Text Bullying
Student Guidelines On Dealing With Bullying
Eliminating Gang-Mentality
'Bully Mediation/Court' System
Developing "Classroom Declarations"
Dealing With Misbehaviour And Threats
Effective Teaching - Student Attention
Enhancing Communication Skills
Involving Parents & Your Community
Bullying In The Workplace
Discovering The Truth In Your Students
Suitable for all schools and ages. Easy to implement strategies with detailed guides and pre-made resources.

5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
84 pages

NZ$35 per book or NZ$32 per book for 2 or more copies.


Dynamic Learning Styles

Everyone has a special way in which they can optimise the way they learn. This short course will help you identify your personal, optimum learning style and how this can be used learn with greater success.


Introduction to learning styles
Introduction to Mnemonics
Keeping the attention of your class
Discovering the learning styles of your students
Catering for all styles of learning in the classroom and Getting the message across
Added bonus...technique to find out if your students are telling the truth!
How you learn
Discovering your best learning technique
How to learn more and learn quicker
Thinking outside the square
Removing distractions
Improving your memory
Homework techniques
Spelling through visualisation
Recalling material during a test

NZ$35 per book or NZ$32 per book for 2 or more copies.


Being Ardent About Life

Being Ardent About Life - The ARDENT personal Development Program. How to take a closer look at your life, develop and understand your values system, set and reach goals, succeed and enjoy life to its fullest.

The six steps of the acronym of the ARDENT Programme are:
Assess - your current situation, the way you live and why you act as you do.
Recognise - where any faults are, how your habits affect your life and the alternatives to your current reactions to situations.
Determine - what your strengths are, what areas of your life need to be improved, what your personal values are and determine your priorities in life to achieve self-esteem and success.
Employ - good character and success-strengthening principles into your life, your priorities and values system.
Negate - bad habits by replacing them with pro-social and pro-achievement principles reflected in your new-found priorities.
Transform - your life into one of good character and personal achievement, knowing what is most important in your life and live a healthy, happy, enthusiastic, productive and successful life.
People of all ages can follow this easy to understand volume ... only NZ$49.00 or 45.99 when you buy 2 or more copies.